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Mold Causes Allergic Reactions…. People Die from Allergic Reactions Symptoms and Severity of Mold Exposure Will Vary from Person to Person You are Different and so are Your Mold Symptoms Bee Stings, Ant Bites, Food Allergies Kill People Every Year, Mold is no Different The same Mold that makes you very sick, may not affect the next person in the […]

Tips for Controlling Asthma by Controlling Your Environment

Flu shots for everyone in family. Allow fresh air to enter your home. Avoid using aerosols, floor polish/wax, insecticides, pesticides, and other chemical solutions. Use biologically-based housecleaners and pesticides. Up to 80% of children with asthma are allergic to one or more of the following: pollen, dust mites, mold, pet dander. According to Dr. Doris Rapp (M.D., I.A.A.A., […]

Best Air Purifying House Plants

Using plants to help purify indoor air requires more than a few houseplants. Homes with indoor air problems as well as healthy homes seeking to stay that way won’t be able to accomplish their aims with a handful of potted plants on a windowsill. On the other hand, it’s by no means necessary to live in […]

Air Ducts & Dryer Vents

The average six room house collects 40 pounds of dust each year. (Discover Magazine) Nine out of ten system failures are caused by dirt and dust. (Louisiana cooperative Extension Service) Clean systems restore capacity and lessen running time.  Translation:  Savings on monthly heating and cooling bills. (Louisiana cooperative Extension Service) A buildup of .042 inches […]